Maasai Safari Camp

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a wildlife enthusiasts dream

The Maasai Safari Camp is located on a privately-owned conservancy just a few kilometres drive from Tarangire National Park and the Simanjiro Plains, both of which lie within the Northern safari circuit. This spectacular area provides a vital migration route, containing the second largest population of migratory wild ungulates in East Africa (after the Serengeti-Mara system) and sustaining a remarkable elephant population.

With exclusive access to over 8,000 acres of magnificent bushland and with no other vehicle in sight, the Maasai Safari Camp provides utmost privacy and a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience. A Colonial-style luxury tented camp will transport you back to the olden days when the first settlers set foot in Tanzania.

Off-road driving, guided walks, bow shooting, sand-river BBQ’s and Maasai dancing are just some of the many activities on offer at the camp. Feeling even more adventurous? Visit a real Maasai market in Lolkisale and experience the true nature of such an event. From the trading of livestock to bartering for the freshest chilis, the market has it all.


Once an area farmed for maize and beans, the area has since reverted back to its natural state. As a result, the conservancy has become home to a plethora of game. Eland, greater and lesser kudu, elephant, hyena and a variety of cats including leopard, cheetah and lion, are amongst the animals that have returned. The resident animals such as the Maasai giraffe, zebra, gazelle and Cape buffalo feel safe in the conservancy, where Golf & Wildlife Resorts employ specially-trained rangers to prevent poaching.


Perhaps the most rewarding of all is the increasingly common sighting of the endangered wild dog, who seem to have taken a liking to the conservancy. Enjoy a stunning game drive down to the water hole, and watch the sun set whilst these fierce predators hunt for their next pray. 


A section of the conservancy has been given to the Maasai (a local tribe of semi-nomadic people) to ensure their cattle have sufficient land to graze. This is part of Golf & Wildlife Resort's mission to give back to local communities.